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    Measure and Monitor the true investment value added to your Plan.

Ross Sims, AIF®, CHSA® Partner

An Authorized Veriphy Advisor

"They have broken the code for fiduciaries."

Ross Sims, AIF®, CHSA® Partner

In my opinion, what Veriphy has done is truly ground-breaking. They have broken the code for fiduciaries.

With all the emphasis on Plan fees, this system allows fiduciaries to see what they are getting for those fees in order to render a value judgement as to the reasonableness of fees and quality of advisory services and committee decisions.

The New Standard of measurement is here.

Veriphy℠ combines the historical investment holdings and fund changes in a retirement plan with a risk/reward performance algorithm to measure the value added to a 401(k) or 403(b) Plan by the fund managers chosen, and an Investment Professional’s skill.

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